Bay Advisors has consulted on many successful mergers and carve outs over the last 15 years. 

Our Mission

Harvard Business Review has done multiple studies on the success of acquisitions over the last 30 years.  They have consistently reported that over 80% of acquisitions fail as measured by not meeting the goals which justified the deal in the first place.  The two reasons most often stated for failures are:  1) bad strategy and 2) poor execution on the integration.  Our mission is to customize and run a process which eliminates these problems and puts your acquisition where you want it: in the winners circle!


Mergers and acquisition are a great path to growth for many companies. They can deliver great value if well conceived and properly executed. Successful integration is the critical component in realizing that value.

The key to effective acquisition integration is to integrate where it matters: 

  • Tailor the integration to the nature of the deal
    • Align your integration with the strategic rationale for the deal.
    • Define what should be integrated and what should remain stand alone.
    • Define the key metrics that will drive the deal’s success.
  • Balance the required focus with getting the deal mechanics right
    • Define the short list that drive the strategic rationale.
    • Drive execution on the list of integration tasks every deal requires.

No two deals are alike nor should they be integrated in the same way. A well conceived process provides the guidelines to unlocking the value in the deal. 

We work with company leaders to define a comprehensive picture of how the combined company will perform.  And focus on the very real cultural issues that often derail integrations.

We focus teams on delivering measurable results within the first 100-days.  We are here to work with you on that challenge.
We’d love to work with you on your integration project. Please contact us.

The experts at Bay Advisors have consulted, managed and advised on scores of successful acquisitions and integrations over the last two decades.